Team Sweden Bocuse d’ Or 2014–15 | When winning is the only option

When winning is the only option.

Taste comes first. That was the most important input we received from Tommy Myllymäki when we created the design platform for the Swedish entry in the world’s most prestigious cooking competition.

This time, the European championships were held in Stockholm in 2014 and the world championships in Lyon in 2015.


We developed a design – without any traditional, pompous “fluff” – showcased Tommy and his team’s sky-high ambitions, artistic courage and Nordic origins. The material was produced in close collaboration with photographer Charlie Drevstam.


Sweden and Tommy’s team took home the victory in Stockholm, and were awarded a bronze medal in Lyon. The design has (so far) been acknowledged in Månadens Design in Resumé.


Key visuals by Charlie Drevstam
Photos from the competition, by Le Fotographe

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