Cullberg Ballet | New identity

New identity for Cullberg Ballet

The Cullberg Ballet is an established player on the Swedish cultural scene, with an excellent international reputation.

Founded by choreographer Birgit Cullberg in 1967, the ballet company has broken barriers in modern dance on stages worldwide throughout its history.

Too traditional for some, too avant-garde for others, the Cullberg brand had ended up in a communication conflict. Yet this is the constant dilemma – and thrill – of constantly being present in the moment. We decided to embrace and communicate this dualism. Cullberg’s artistic director Gabriel Smeets and his crew liked our idea.


We needed to create an identity that gave Cullberg Ballet its own unique voice without compromising the brand’s presence. Being a travelling dance company without a home stage, a strong, attention-grabbing visual expression was imperative. We based the graphics on a bold, versatile grid, as well as the letter C: for choreography, creativity, constant, change and most importantly – Cullberg Ballet. Fun and strong, the new identity allows a more immediate communication that hits home for both long-time fans and fresh audiences.


Brought to life in 2015, the new identity was very well received. Press coverage of the Cullberg Ballet has increased and new audiences have discovered the world of Cullberg and contemporary dance.

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