Francks Kylindustri | Turn the temperature up please

Could you turn the temperature up, please?

For three generations, Francks Kylindustri has been one of Sweden’s most established companies within cooling. But the competition has grown. Our challenge was to help the company expand toward a market-leading position. Francks needed a branding upgrade.


Francks took on the role of an inspirational forerunner, showing that controlling temperature is basically controlling a force of nature – and that a career within industrial temperature can be truly exciting. In developing the brand platform, Francks united in its promise to the market – to make temperature a strong and sustainable competitive advantage.

As Francks’ logotype was well known, the basic design was retained – with a slight cleanup – while focus was placed on all other parts of the identity. In order to attract young students, Francks Academy was founded – a market-leading human resource project, positioning Francks as the most desirable employer in the business.


One year after launch, Francks had increased its market share substantially. Both sales and profit margin have improved, and a staff survey indicates a boost in positive energy and inspiration in the workplace.


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