Lux Dag för Dag | New visual identity and communication strategy

After ten successful years, the team behind Michelin-starred restaurant Lux Stockholm decided it was time for something new.

They wanted to make their cooking more accessible, less complex and with an even clearer focus on the ingredients. Our challenge was to communicate the new, simpler concept, and widen the target audience without losing the quality stamp. We decided to profile the new concept as approachable and unpretentious while drawing on the craftsmanship from Lux’s fine dining era. We changed the name to ”Lux dag för dag” – Lux day by day – which communicates exactly what it’s all about: a restaurant with Lux’s renowned top-notch craftsmanship, but featuring a more straightforward approach and a menu that changes daily.

The design had to harmonise with the new strategy, so we created a visual identity and interior design that both communicate the ambition to work close to the produce.
Together with the PR consultants Edelman, we developed a new vocabulary, coining terms such as “råvarumästare” and “råvarustyrd meny” (“masters of produce” / “produce-oriented menu”). These were successfully used in communicating what the new concept was all about in the press and social media.

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