Semper | What if there is no real retail category?

What if there is no real retail category?

The challenge was to free gluten-free products from their former medical appearance and reposition them as enjoyable and delicious foods for a highly specific target group.
But the products lacked retail space!


With a strong and desirable brand as our tool, paired with the big idea ”Let’s not make people any sicker than they are!”, we started our movement: encouraging retailers to increase the gluten-free selection in their stores. Step by step, we were able to help Semper fulfil their mission – to offer their consumers a tastier and easier life with an extensive, varied line of quality products. To create more space on the shelf, over 70 products was developed and designed by Bror Rudi. For the product launches, we also produced more than a dozen retail and advertising campaigns.


The gluten-free in-store section more than doubled within just a few years. With a share of 40%, Semper now holds the undisputed position as the foremost leading brand within gluten-free products.


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