Stockholm Music & Arts 2015

Bror Rudi Creative finds inspiration in Lasse Åberg for the visual profile of a festival that wants to take a clear stand.

Stockholm’s largest music festival has been given a new visual identity, created by Bror Rudi. The idea for the design is based on Lasse Åberg’s legendary pattern for Stockholm’s public transport system – this time, with symbols from today’s urban surroundings. The ambition is to show, in a fun way, what’s going on around us in our city. Stockholm Music & Arts want to be a part of this debate, focusing on art from a democratic perspective. Who has the right to make decisions about art in public spaces?

“Stockholm Music & Arts wants to be a festival that takes a clear stand for compassion, humanism and solidarity. This is what we wanted the design to communicate. At the same time, we wanted to pay homage to one of the city’s most criticized works of art, which is ever present in our public spaces, to the point where the Stockholmers sit on it every day. The subway system is the city’s bloodstream, and the world’s largest art exhibition. But what is good art? Is Siri Derkert’s station better than Lasse’s seats? Does it look good or ugly? Is it funny or boring? It still sparks mixed feelings, which in itself is proof that it’s really good.

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