Panel visuals and ideas for Sweden’s leading dairy company.


Arla has a long tradition of putting non-commercial content on the backs of their product cartons. Over time, this has come to be
a very strong part of the Arla trademark and an effective channel for communicating Arla’s values regarding nature, farming and nutrition, amongst other things. Every month, new panel designs are printed on 2 million cartons, reaching over 100.000 households daily. The main target audiences for the panels are young adults and children.


Starting out in 2010, we have so far produced over 60 panels for Arla. We respond to overall brand input, and every design is created with a unique and lateral approach that will engage the receiver in various ways.


Due to their small size and limited printing options, the Arla panels have turned out to be a great way for us to sharpen our creative process and keep our executions super flexible. Connecting the panels with the web has also been an important key to finding out which ideas that really rocks.