Visual identity and communication strategy for Lux Stockholm



For 10 years Henrik Norström and his team ran the recurrent Michelin-awarded restaurant Lux Stockholm at Lilla Essingen. Bror Rudi created a visual identity that should reflect a fine dining concept by a creative cooking artist. Henrik was a pioneer in Stockholm using  local produces to a seasonal menu. The restaurants tagline “Local kitchen – Global mind” very well reflected the ambition and the soul of Lux Stockholm as a restaurant.


Pointing out the creativity and the palette of local and seasonal produce we engaged artists by the year to create the four seasonal menus.


Illustrator Zac Magique and Ola Bergengren infused the experience with their own characteristics in presentation of the menu to the extent that guest kept the menus as pieces of art to adorn a their walls at home wich, for Lux part, was brillant marketing.