Semper Gluten-free

Package design and communication strategy for the market leader for a fast-moving consumer product category


Most people in Sweden are familiar with the Semper brand and the strong position it occupies in Swedish cooking traditions since the 1930s.


In 2008 we were given the task of redesigning Semper’s gluten-free range. Our strategy was to free gluten-free products from their former medical appearance and reposition them as enjoyable and delicious foods for a highly specific target group. As with all people, these are individuals who display a wide variation in food preferences, but are united by one common trait: a celiac diagnose.


Using the creative slogan ”let’s not make people any sicker than they are!”, we started our movement, with a strong and desirable brand as our tool: encouraging retailers to increase the gluten-free selection in their stores. Step by step, we were able to help Semper fulfil their mission – to offer their consumers a tastier and easier life with an extensive, varied line of quality products.


Communicating this mission to the consumers led to an increased demand for Semper products, and the gluten-free in-store section more than doubled in 2010. Today, Semper offers more than 70 gluten-free products in the Scandinavian market. With a share of 40% and constantly increasing sales, Semper now holds the undisputed position as the foremost leading brand within gluten-free products.