The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat is in charge of coordinating all of Sweden’s polar research. We were asked to create a design that would work just as well at the government office as in the extreme weather conditions of Antarctica.


We developed a stylised representation of the Aurora – an atmospheric phenomenon significant for the polar area – flaring in blue over an icy landscape. Above this, we added a yellow bar, which acts as a recurring element throughout the identity. The symbol’s coloration is distinctly Swedish and stands out in comparison with competing international institutions.


Using the logotype as a starting point, we continued building the visual identity, which included stationery, printed matter, a website (in cooperation with Tewonder), templates, clothing, stickers, umbrellas, roll-ups, containers and much more.


The design has been nominated for Svenska Designpriset 2013 and won gold in Svenska Publishing-Priset 2012 and 2013.