Grand opening this weekend!


We’re proud to invite you to try out our latest collaborations with these fine restaurants; The Plant and Raamen, both in the new urban food court Teatern at Skanstull.

Read about it here


It’s alive!! 


We’re finally going public with the Polar Research Portal – a unique collaboration between Bror Rudi Creative, Swedish Polar research secretariat and OhMy. This awesome project literally puts Arctic and Antarctic research on the map – in a visually inspiring way.
Check out the Polar action for yourself in this amazing experience:


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3A Identitet – Grafisk identitet

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New friends!


A big welcome to Terreno Chianti Classico. With our new brand platform and communication strategy ready to go, we just launched an advertising campaign for their fantastic wines. With a relatively small investment we managed to raise their sales with 40% in one month. Next – new identity and package design. Exciting times ahead!


New friends – Adam & Albin and Maximillian Lundin


Exciting things are happening at the Stockholm restaurant scene. We get to work with three of the most influential chefs in town at the moment. Great food and great design coming soon!


New design concept for Stockholm Music & Arts


Bror Rudi Creative finds inspiration in Lasse Åberg for the visual profile of a festival that wants to take a clear stand.

Stockholm’s largest music festival has been given a new visual identity, created by Bror Rudi. The idea for the design is based on Lasse Åberg’s legendary pattern for Stockholm’s public transport system – this time, with symbols from today’s urban surroundings. The ambition is to show, in a fun way, what’s going on around us in our city. Stockholm Music & Arts want to be a part of this debate, focusing on art from a democratic perspective. Who has the right to make decisions about art in public spaces?

“Stockholm Music & Arts wants to be a festival that takes a clear stand for compassion, humanism and solidarity. This is what we wanted the design to communicate. At the same time, we wanted to pay homage to one of the city’s most criticized works of art, which is ever present in our public spaces, to the point where the Stockholmers sit on it every day. The subway system is the city’s bloodstream, and the world’s largest art exhibition. But what is good art? Is Siri Derkert’s station better than Lasse’s seats? Does it look good or ugly? Is it funny or boring? It still sparks mixed feelings, which in itself is proof that it’s really good,” says Lisa Lindgren, Creative Director at Bror Rudi Creative.


New Client — Cullbergbaletten


We are thrilled to announce that Bror Rudi is the new agency for Cullberbaletten. The company has performed all over the world and is an important element in the international presentation of Swedish culture. We will soon post an update on our work. Read more on Resumé or CAP&Design.



Bienvenue Alex!


We welcome Alexandra La Chance from Quebec, Canada to Bror Rudi. She will be joining us for an internship of two months. She recently worked for the Californian company SketchDeck and has a Bachelor´s Degree in Graphic Design from Laval University.



New identity for Roxen


Check out one of our latest projects! Read more here.


Case presentation coming up soon.



Our forth blockbuster in a row to top the Swedish box office charts.


We congratulate StellaNova Film for the success with Micke & Veronica reaching nr 1 at the Swedish box office chart. We proudly notes that this is our forth film in a row that reaches the first place.


Closer to the poles


Innovating new ways of communicating with The Swedish Polar Research Sectretariat.
In this unique project we made 30 years of research in the Polar Regions fully available to the world.



Welcome Kalle Haglund!


Say hi to our new copy intern Kalle Haglund. With a background as an stage artist and feature film screenwriter he is now learning the copywriters craftsmanship.


Congratulations to our clients!


Congratulations to our clients Lux Dag för Dag and Malin Söderström for the awards yesterday at this year’s Restauranggala at Cirkus in Stockholm! Lux Dag för Dag won this year’s Flavor Inspirer and Malin Söderström this year’s Restaurateurs.




In this round of Resumé´s ”Månadens Design” our work for Bocuse d´Or Sweden appeared on the top list. But  the honorable winner was Oatly. As a participant in Resumé’s jury, our CEO Kalle Bohr motivates why.



Another nomination in Svenska Designpriset!


We are nominated for for the visual identity för Lux Dag för Dag. Please vote for us!

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Nominated in Svenska Designpriset


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Bonjour Rémi!

We welcome Rémi Esslinger to our team. He is from Lyon, France and is studying at La Martinière-Diderot. Rémi is having an internship until october.



Join our team?


We need a Designer in our team. You should have relevant education and a minimum of five years of experience at a brand- or design agency. You need to have solid experience in developing strategic brand identities as well as package- and digital design. But most of all you need to love what you do as much as we do. Send your application to no later than August 11.


Sweden´s up and coming stars in restaurant heaven.


Design for Ölbaren. Sweden´s up and coming stars in restaurant heaven.



New concept for Restaurang Hjerta


Bror Rudi created a new concept for restaurang Hjerta Skeppsholmen and Malin Söderström & Co. See you there this summer!



See you soon Mr Young!


Bror Rudi created the design for this summer´s best festival.


The last pieces of the puzzle in our design work with SALK´s profile


SALK is one of the worlds leading tennis club and we are right now putting the last pieces of the puzzle in our design work with their signage system. Next: Their web page!




Digital milk cartons on Arla’s Web – Arlakadabra


Arla’s milk cartons is one of Sweden’s most popular media and an important cultural treasure and brand endorser. Now you can also find the milk cartons digital on Arla’s Web – Arlakadabra. Including pottering, movies, culinary inspiration and our latest contribution the Drawing School!


Jakob Eklund joins Bror Rudi Creative


Jakob Eklund is the name of the Design Agency’s recent recruitment to strengthen its creative part. He has worked many years in London at Intaract with customers as Mayor of London and others.

Jakob Eklund has won the Svenska Designpriset for MFF where he developed the concept around the tartan pattern designed by Göran Broberg and 75-watt for Jetpack and have experience from clients like Sony Ericsson, 3, Twilfit and Fjällräven. He founded the music magazine Quote Magazine and has proudly designed approximately 25 vinyl covers.

– We were looking for a great talent and are thrilled that Jakob could join us, says Lisa Lindgren, CD of Bror Rudi. This is an important part of developing to become one of the country’s best strategic design agencies she continues.


Big shots join Bror Rudi Creative’s board


The design agency has added Magnus Wålsten, cofounder of Great Works, Petter Westlund, cofounder of B-Reel, and Kerstin Brunnberg, former CEO of Sveriges Radio, to its board of directors.

Bror Rudi has experienced steady growth over the last few years and we consider our goal of becoming one of Sweden’s most interesting design agencies to be largely fulfilled. To reach the next step in our development and join the leading agencies in the country, we felt the need for a highly capable and experienced board, says Lisa Lindgren, Creative Director at Bror Rudi.

Bror Rudi’s owner-duo Lisa Lindgren and CEO Kalle Bohr assembled a wish list containing three carefully chosen profiles who all immediately accepted the offer. A natural fit for the role of chairwoman, Kerstin Brunnberg puts the experience of her many years of board work to good use in leading the group. She is also currently serving as chairwoman for the Swedish Arts Council.

The team now at our disposal together with this board of directors gives us every possibility to reach the goal of becoming one of Sweden’s, and consequently the world’s, premier strategic design agencies, comments CEO Kalle Bohr.

At year-end 2013, Bror Rudi has ten full time employees. In 2012 the turnover exceeded SEK 7 million, and a significant increase is projected for 2013. Bror Rudi’s clients include Semper, the Swedish History Museum, Arla and renowned restaurants like EAT and Lux Stockholm among others. In the past year, the agency has received the Swedish Design Award, Resumé’s Design of the Month, as well as nominations in Eurobest and International Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.


Kokbok för Hästfolk


We designed an exciting book project for Hudson & Perry Publishing in New York, where author Malin Möller brought together two different worlds: food and horses. In this lifestyle cookbook, horse lovers are encouraged to care about food and family as much as they care for horses. This way, they end up with better eating habits – and more time for their passion. Together with chef Ulrika Bengtsson and photographer Love Strandell, Malin traveled the state of New York as well as Skåne and Stockholm to put together a perfect, eclectic mix of food, horses, places and people. This crazy idea of mixing a unique lifestyle with great cooking was launched in 2013 by and is now being revised for the US market.